Threadcore LLC


Recent projects


Designed, developed and deployed secure, scalable SaaS Application platform, built from scratch end-to-end with free open-source tools.

Major US Grocery Store Chain


Enhancement of ecommerce platform (ATG), expansion of product offerings, improvements to reliability and performance. Created automatic unit-testing framework and introduced processes to increase build and deployment confidence and stability.

Server-SIDE Expertise

About us


Threadcore LLC specializes in providing superior J2EE server-side software development services, including design, development, integration, testing, and deployment. Our services include but are not limited to Software as a Service Applications, eCommerce websites, REST APIs, and Android Applications.


Our Principal Consultant brings over a decade of experience working for Fortune 500 corporations such as Intuit and VMWare to your project. This experience building highly scalable and reliable platforms ensures that your project will meet or exceed specifications today while avoiding unforeseen performance, security and maintenance issues down the road.



No project exists in a vacuum. With our years of experience, we can do whatever is required to make your project launch sucessfully and provide your customers with the experience they expect. Threadcore LLC provides a wide-range of competence throughout the entire software stack and lifecycle, including Angular JS, HTML/Javascript/Jquery, SQL, Apache Web Server, Unit/Load/Performance testing, Android development, and deployment to VPS/Cloud-based Linux environments.



  • Built out and deployed custom Software as a Service platform for EzSBTax ( Threadcore LLC built the platform from scratch end-to-end using 100% free open-source tools (MySQL/Apache/Tomcat/REST/AngularJS).  Platform includes  security, authentication (Shiro), and a sophisticated annotation-based Data Service layer built on-top of JDBC to enable rapid development of new functionality.
  • Consulting project with major US Grocery Store chain. Successfully carried out enhancements to their ATG (Oracle Commerce) installation including an expansion of product offering types, improvements to stability, and the introduction of Unit Testing and processes to enforce build/deployment stability.
  • Our Principal Consultant leverages over 10 years of experience with top companies in Silicon Valley (VMWare, Intuit), bringing experience with both enterprise-level product development (VMWare vSphere) and high-scale ecommerce (, Thanks to this experience our Principal Consultant can identify potential architectural and coding issues and fix them before they lead to performance or data-quality problems.




Areas of Expertise


  • Design and implementation of highly-scalable, reliable Java Server-Side Systems, including SaaS Platforms, eCommerce Systems, and REST APIs
  • Configuration of Tomcat and Tomcat-based Application Containers including Spring
  • Performance analysis and improvement of Java Applications
  • Analysis, improvement, debugging, and testing of complex multithreaded Java code
  • Apache Shiro and User Authentication
  • Design and implementation of JDBC-based Data Services
  • ATG Commerce feature implementation
  • Maven and Build Scripting/Automation




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